Network security is a foundation of compliance and risk management. With BlackRidge you can isolate servers and cloud services and segment networks to meet compliance requirements, and manage unknown risks in an automated and sustainable way.

Unique Solution Value

It is possible to design a network and cloud security strategy that is proactive, defensible, and sustainable for compliance and risk management. BlackRidge Transport Access Control allows only identified and authorized users and devices access to your servers and network segments, blocking unidentified and unauthorized access and logging policy actions with identity attribution.

Deploying BlackRidge provides the following compliance and risk management benefits:

  • Policy-based access model that is based on your existing identity management system. This provides a realistic path to maintaining compliance in hybrid environments, and one that is measurable and reportable.
  • Decouples network and cloud security from network design and topology. Provides ongoing flexibility via security controls that are easy to maintain and work across network and cloud boundaries.
  • Highly scalable system that applies security policy at the earliest possible time, on the first packet of network session establishment.
  • Proactively prevents unidentified and unauthorized users and devices from accessing protected resources, and prevents unauthorized awareness.
  • Easy and complementary deployment that augments existing security tools and controls. No design changes to existing applications or network infrastructure are required.